Reflections of Me- Living Life Experiences is a collection of short stories written in poetry style. It is written as narrative poetry. Narrative poetry is one of the most common poetic forms. This poetic form is very much like a novel. Narrative poetry includes a series of events, including actions and dialogues. It uses a number of poetic methods such as rhyme, meter, and rhyming scheme. Usually, a narrative poem has a single speaker who is known as the narrator. The narrator recites the entire story from beginning to end. I am the narrator of these short stories/poems.

The short stories in this narrative poetry are about life experiences such as looking in the mirror, self-image, blind fate, family reunions, “isms” of the world, friendships, my way of thinking, testing the trials of life, communications, betrayal, beware of the snares, math problems of everyday life, “As Is” and more of life experiences that everyone can relate to at some point and time in their past as they look in the mirror and reflect upon their life.